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Jewish people claim that Hitler and the Nazis victimized them. On the other hand, Zionist Israeli (Jews) are currently committing crimes and massacres far worst than the Nazis ever committed. Such crimes committed by the Jews against the Palestinians have never been witnessed before in the human history.

 The true beastly face of the Jews has appeared after their fragile innocent mask, with which they cheated people, was removed, from their faces.

Need Proof or Evidence? Check some of the videos

 Nazis will seem innocents when their crimes are compared with the Jews crimes committed against Palestinians 

Picture Gallery of Israel Crimes

IMPORTANT: These pictures are not to be viewed by people less than 18 years old.




The True Face of  Isreali's

Who Committed the MURDER

Peace on The American Way


Ideal Terrorism ( 3 )


Ideal Terrorism ( 2 )


Ideal Terrorism ( 1 )


Terrorists ( 1 )

Message of Truth


The Natives

Iman "A Little girl"
 Palestine's Bride

Ideal Terrorism ( 4 )

Terrorists ( 2 )













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